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  • What we learned from working on a foreign market

    Panthea Hills is a residential complex in Cyprus, for which SGI was hired to develop both a conceptual and a masterplan project. Later the team was also hired to consult on the technical project development alongside our Cyprian colleagues.

    31 July 2023
  • 6 Steps to Define Your Workplace Strategy: Insights from SGI Architects

    Creating a workplace strategy is essential for coming back stronger after a challenging few years and preparing ahead for the future. Your employees have high expectations from their workplaces, and your business has important goals. A clear and well-defined workplace strategy can make sure you, your business, and your goals are all in alignment towards a great workplace solution.

    25 July 2023
  • Another successful edition of K&D Cup

    After two weeks of exciting matches on the courts of Tennis Club Dianа, the finals of K&D Cup took place on 09.07.2023.

    10 July 2023
  • K&D Cup 2023

    For a third year in a row, SGI is being a promoter of Bulgarian tennis. K&D Cup, which is organized by Kazakov & Daw Foundation, aims to support the Bulgarian youth by providing them with opportunities to play on an international level. This year the event is taking place in two separate tournaments, both part of the ITF calendar.

    3 July 2023
  • The Potential that an old apartment holds

    We are going to tell you about one family who chose an old building in an old neighbourhood, instead of opting for a new and shiny apartment complex in a modern area of the city, unlike most.

    26 June 2023
  • SGI at Residential Forum 2023

    Yesterday arch. Nikola Georgiev took part in Residential Forum 2023 as part of the panel Projects & Products Showcase 2023: The most interesting residential projects – from idea to realization.

    9 June 2023
  • SGI Hiring Senior Architects

    SGI is looking for new architects to join the team in Sofia for our upcoming large-scale projects.

    6 June 2023
  • Arch. Tihomir Kazakov at HOME Design & Architecture Day 2023

    Arch. Tihomir Kazakov took part in the panel (R)evolution of the home part of HOME Design & Architecture Day 2023. The discussion focused on the trends in architectural and interior design that are most likely to affect the industry in the near future.

    28 April 2023
  • Arch. Alexander Daw at the Energy for Green Future Conference

    Arch. Alexander Daw with a presentation at the Energy for Green Future Conference, organized by the Ministry of Energy. Mr. Daw represented SGI and the Bulgarian Green Building Council in the panel Energy Savings, where he talked about the role that the Built Environment plays in the future of energy efficiency

    27 April 2023
  • SGI joining Studio Alliance – the first and only workplace alliance in Europe

    As of 25.04.2023, SGI Architects & Masterplanners has officially joined Studio Alliance – the first and only workplace alliance in Europe.

    25 April 2023