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We, at SGI, are deeply committed to building an open, inclusive, fair and sustainable business, not only for us but also for our clients. We recognize both the challenges and the opportunities that implementing an ESG strategy poses and we have the experience and the expertise to help our partners successfully deliver projects that are beneficial for the environment, communities and society as a whole.

Sustainable Approach

Following a sustainable approach is equally important to us at any scale – from implementing policies at our office operations to minimize waste, and energy consumption and providing equal opportunities for all employees to guiding our client to deliver big-scale sustainable projects like Garitage park – the first project with BREEAM Communities Excellent Certificate outside the UK.

Because We Care


As an architectural practice, we have the opportunity to influence the building environment towards achieving Net zero 2050 and the European Green Deal.

From this unique position, we have two main directions to achieve this ambitious goal – aligning our own company operations with all ESG standards and guiding our clients to more sustainable practice in design and construction.

In recent years we have actively worked toward making our own operation as environmentally friendly as possible, implementing waste management systems, introducing energy-saving policies, encouraging all employees to stop using cars and replace them with walking/biking/public transport. We have calculated our C02 footprint, made the effort to cut it as much as we can and we’ve supported several causes to offset the rest of our emissions. In terms of our work, we always strive to deliver environmentally beneficial projects to our clients, taking into consideration their requirements and budget.

We deeply believe that we should go beyond net zero and aim to design carbon-negative buildings to achieve a real and impactful change in the building environment.


Being socially responsible has always been in the core of our company.

Through the years SGI has been involved into a numbers of charity initiatives. We have donated numerous projects from churches to animal shelters, all beneficial for the local community. Our employes are regularly taking part in charity events with the support of the company.

SGI Architects is a member of the Bulgarian Green Building Council (a non-profit organization, part of a global network ) , with our director Alexander Daw being recently voted as co-chairperson of the organization .Being an active part of BGBC allows as to be on the front lines of the fight against Climate change and to work in the benefit of the whole society towards a cleaner and socially equal future.


Our management model ensures that every employee has equal opportunities for growth and the managing positions are accessible to everyone. We’ve always strived to create an inspiring and rewarding place to work, where everyone feels protected against any kind of discrimination and harassment.


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    Recently it is becoming more and more common for the investors and the end users to be looking for sustainability in their upcoming residential projects. However, after the initial evaluation of the requirements and the capabilities, it becomes apparent that sustainability might be hard to afford.

    22 November 2022