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We believe that the foundations of good design lie in strong relationships and care for the community.

Arch. Alexander Daw

Arch. Alexander Daw

Managing Partner, CEE

The creation and development of SGI have ended up being the soundtrack to my professional life and continue to be an exceptionally exciting journey. For that alone, I guess I am personally very lucky. Running and growing an architectural practice alongside the sometimes-volatile nature of an emerging market has been extraordinarily rewarding. This is partially because of the projects we have been involved in which have often been challenging, varied and generally great fun. Still, for me, the chance to grow something where there has been the opportunity to instil good practice, solid principles and a great working environment with a positive influence on society has been a real driver to get to where we are today. I think to a large extent at this stage we have succeeded in those goals.

Our dedication to quality design, our relentless promotion of environmental awareness, and our commitment to an a-political approach to business are all instilled into the management of the SGI team.  In 2019 Tihomir and I decided to start the process of turning the company into a partnership. Our vision is that over the next ten years, the team that inherits this company will carry on promoting good governance, good design and care for the environment and will go on to be leaders themselves.

Arch. Tihomir Kazakov

Arch. Tihomir Kazakov

Managing Partner

Ending up as a co-founder of SGI was the natural continuity of my lifetime passion for architecture and design. I am deeply committed to the belief that great design has the power to transform people's lives and that creating buildings and spaces should not only meet the functional needs of our clients but also inspire and uplift those who experience them. This is the foundation philosophy behind SGI’s creation and development.

Alex and I strive to conduct’s SGI philosophy with a deep respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainability. We believe that architecture has a responsibility to the planet, and we work hard to incorporate sustainable practices and materials into our designs wherever possible.

I see architects as stewards of the built environment, and we should take that responsibility very seriously. We should always continue to learn, push ourselves to be better, and strive to create designs that will stand the test of time.

Partnership with Studio Alliance

Studio Alliance is the first and only European workplace development alliance. The need for the alliance is born out of the accelerating globalization and the differences in languages, specific local regulations and diverse cultures in each country. This alliance aims to aid global property directors when undertaking a full global workplace analysis or simply refurbishing a local office, by helping them easily deal with communication, local legislation and suppliers.

Offering a wide range of services including workplace consultancy, architecture and interior design, SA members are constantly sharing expertise, knowledge and useful practices.

Clients of the alliance include international office occupiers, shared workspace operators, asset managers and property consultants. They enjoy many benefits and advantages from the international expertise and in-depth local market knowledge offered by the SA members.



SGI Architects & Masterplanners was founded

The company was formed as part of an international expansion program and the result of a partnership arrangement between of Stephen George and Partners est. 1970 and K&D Architects est. 2008. Since then, SGI has become one of the leading Architectural practices in the Central and Eastern European region, delivering firsts in different sectors and winning multiple awards along the way.


Starting a new chapter

In 2019 SGI opened a new chapter in its development by becoming an autonomous operation while still retaining a strategic partnership with our colleagues in the UK.



Our office in Sofia employs around 50 Architects and Engineers. Our award-winning teams are highly versatile, providing an exceptional level of expertise in masterplanning, design and delivery. We are committed to creating places and buildings, sustainable communities with social and economic purpose, and strongly support responsible sustainable practice in all aspects of design.


What’s Next?

We will continue our commitment to creating places and buildings, sustainable communities with social and economic purpose, and strongly support responsible sustainable practice in all aspects of design.