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Garitage Park Office Buildings 1 and 2

Sofia, Bulgaria

Investment characteristics of buildings

A major part of the concept of the Garitage Park complex, as well as office buildings, is sustainability in all their aspects. They are part of the first project in Central and Eastern Europe, which goes through the certification process of BREEAM for social, economic and environmental sustainability of the construction process, in complex construction – BREEAM Communities.
The total area of ​​each of the office buildings is 30,000 m2, and each can accommodate about 2,400 jobs. They are an integral part of the overall planning of the complex and help to create a kind of new city center. In the design, the main focus is on the comfort of the users of the environment, by using proportions consistent with the human scale, natural materials, and optimal communication links.

Architectural design and functionality

The vision of the office buildings is simple and modern. The idea of ​​the complex is to form a frame along Okolovrasten Pat Street, visually integrating with the formed secondary administrative center in this area of ​​the city (Business Park), while playing the role of a natural buffer between the busy road artery and the quiet residential area. The environment provided in the southern part of the complex. The façade layout of the buildings seeks maximum transparency, in order to create a feeling of lightness and airiness in their perception. Atrium spaces are formed on the northern facade towards Okolovrasten Pat Street along with the entire height of the building. Given the façade indifference of the buildings, there is a need for easy visual recognition, achieved with a different color for each staircase visible in the atrium space.
The fully glazed ground floor level on the ring road “suggests” the feeling of levitating the building. At the same time, the treatment of the ground level on the southern facades with an open colonnade promenade naturally connects the buildings in one complex, which is a natural continuation of the park environment. When a visitor enters the building, he has no visual limitations and can see through the glass partitions of the park area. The relationship between the buildings is part of the architectural concept for their construction and the general feeling of a complete ensemble.
They are designed to meet the highest requirements for workspaces. They are conditionally developed on 5 above-ground levels, providing spacious open space office spaces. The floor plans are functional and offer the possibility to use the levels as a whole office or to divide it into 2 or 4 offices. Each office has the opportunity to provide its own rooms for kitchens, server spaces, and meeting rooms. For the convenience of the tenants, the premises are designed with opening windows, terraces from the north, and provided sun protection.

Construction, energy efficiency, and technological indicators

A healthy living environment for the future employees of the office buildings is the main and guiding factor in the choice of construction materials from the very beginning of the project.
High-quality materials are set for implementation, providing the opportunity for the functioning of any type of offices. The project envisages raised floors and suspended ceilings, providing the necessary space for the installation of systems and equipment.
The office spaces are sought to serve the requirements of a wide range of users and offer affordable luxury, provided by spacious office space, with the possibility of furnishing according to the respective needs, spectacular entrance spaces, public service, and quick access to all levels. The buildings are modern, intelligent, and energy-efficient.
It is no coincidence that the high-tech company VMware chose to rent the entire second office building for its employees. Its interior design is the work of an arch. Bulent Dundar from the architectural company Swanke Hayden Connell Architects and the SGI team performed adaptation and technical coordination of the project.
The healthy environment in the offices in Garitage Park is ensured by the Excellent certificate for “healthy” construction of BREEAM in the category of Communities International Technical Standard, which can boast of no more than 20 companies in Europe. The layout of the spaces for building 2 is an open-space type, but organized in a non-standard way, providing individuality and maximum comfort to the employees. Workplaces are organized on the periphery to make the most of natural sunlight, and in the center are concentrated meeting rooms, cafeterias, collaboration areas, and technical rooms. The project is consistent with local cultural features and is characterized by the priority use of wood and a modern mix of ornaments and graphic design.

Office Building 1 – Minko Minev
Office Building 2 – Alexandar Todorov

Sector: Masterplanning

Type: Office buildings

Client: Sofia Park

Parameters: 60 000 m2

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Status: Completed

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