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The new sports center in Sofia

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The Sports Center in Garitage Park covers an area of ​​3,500 m2 and is one of the largest and most complex sports facilities in Bulgaria, suitable for professional and non-professional athletes. The whole profit from the center will be used to finance the volleyball club "Levski". Learn in the article below, all the details about the project.

20 November 2020

The center is strategically positioned between the first two office buildings of Garitage Park and provides easy access from the main approach of the complex. The southern exposure of the spaces provides more balanced natural lighting of the premises. The functional scheme is determined according to the specific sports activities in the center. The reception, together with the protein bar, is located on an intermediate level relative to the two main sports floors. At the lower level are positioned the three main sports areas, as they have access to an outdoor yard for outdoor training. The locker rooms are located on the second level, and two yoga rooms are provided near the women's room.

The Sports Center has:

  •  fitness;
  •  25-meter swimming pool, as well as two smaller ones - for babies and for rehabilitation;
  •  SPA zone;
  •  halls for group training;
  •  two 45-meter running tracks;
  •  a modern Cross Fit area;
  •  physiotherapy and rehabilitation center;
  •  spacious dressing rooms with showers;
  •  protein bar;
  •  and over 200 parking spaces.

  The interior design contributes to the clear visual separation of the various functional areas through individual color accents for each room. The spaces have visible installations, pre-painted in the respective accent color. The industrial vision is also manifested through the staircase layout - steps and platforms of natural oak, closed by the elegant plane of a thick dark metal sheet. An important element of the project is the wallpaper in the pool area, depicting landmarks and sites of the capital.

The industrial approach in the interior, the used natural materials, and bright color accents in symbiosis express the concept for the implementation of the city as a dynamic, colorful and unique organism in the space of the Sports Center.   “Over the years I have had the opportunity to play in quite good clubs and when the hall is ready, what "Levski" will have is certainly better than the bases of teams such as "Trento", "Piacenza", "Lube" and many others.”   - Says the legend of Bulgarian volleyball Vladimir Nikolov about the new Sports Center For the high comfort of athletes are provided systems with a constant exchange of fresh air, calculated for maximum efficiency in any space, underfloor heating, specialized water purification systems for swimming pools, solar panels, and heat pumps for energy storage. The installed acoustic panels in all rooms absorb noise and create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for athletes. The equipment in Sports Center Garitage Park is of the highest level, and the materials used are selected according to the overall concept of the complex for uncompromising quality and sustainability. 

Photograph: Alexandar Todorov

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