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Sustainability for the future

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The residential area of ​​Garitage Park is part of Stage 1 from the development of the complex. We present you detailed information about the architectural concept, as well as the latest photos from the already-completed area.

13 November 2020


The principle of sustainability and comfort of living is the basis for the design of the residential part of the Garitage Park complex. It is also part of the high requirements for the BREEAM Communities certificate, which the complex received for the first time in Eastern Europe. The formation of residential buildings is a consequence of the volumetric-spatial study of the designed area, from a human point of view in a real urban environment. The façade solutions seek to create additional depth through different architectural layers of rhythm, raster, materials, and colors. Ventilated facade of ceramic tiles, directs the perception of the main volume of the building. The color contrast defines a relative secondary volume and lightens the larger volume. The facade ceramics used in warm ranges create a harmonious color ensemble, contrasting with the natural mountain landscape.

The spaces around the residential buildings are designed to provide residents with a green and organic park environment, complemented by playgrounds, a barbecue area, and playgrounds.


The area covers an area of ​​60,000m2 and includes 16 multi-family buildings and 40 single-family houses. The main type of apartments in the multi-family blocks has three bedrooms. Also presented are those with two bedrooms, as well as several larger apartments with an area of ​​220-230 square meters on the top floors. The terraced houses cover an area of about 200m2 with three and four bedrooms. The living area of ​​the houses is spread over three levels plus a garage on the underground level.

In the planned distributions, special attention is paid to the kitchen living and dining room, where people spend most of their time. The bedrooms are also designed according to the needs of the future occupants. They are about 50% larger than the standard for the country, have a closet, and a beautiful view of Vitosha. Each apartment has a storage room and two parking spaces.


Based on the need for quality of living, the homes are designed to meet the highest classes of standards for energy efficiency and sustainable construction – BREEAM – Very Good. Their design solution is based on an orthogonal modular reinforced concrete skeleton, which contributes to the optimization of construction processes and performance efficiency. The planned roof solar panels and automated systems reduce costs and accumulate green energy for domestic use. Sustainable architectural details are used to achieve high levels of sound insulation in any home. Soundproofing membranes are placed between the floor slabs, additional insulation between each apartment, and the common parts, as well as pre-wall cladding around all communication cores of the elevator shafts. Triple glazing and ventilated facade systems provide excellent thermoregulation of the premises.

THE THREE MOST KEY QUALITIES of Garitage Park buildings, positioning them in the category of architecture for the future are:

Sustainability – with a view to the future, the materials and architectural techniques used in the project categorize the buildings as a good example of energy-efficient architecture that would stand the test of time;

Integration – the spatial solution is fully consistent with the urban context of the complex and the surrounding major road links and buildings;

Aesthetics – volumes and spaces tailored to the human scale, form harmony in each of the zones of the complex.

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