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SGI has been awarded Designer of the Year at Dibla Design Awards

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SGI's interior design department was awarded the highest title of "Designer of the Year" at the prestigious Dibla Design Awards.

30 March 2023

Every year the biggest Bulgarian platform for interior and product design – Dibla, organizes the most prestigious design awards in the country. The candidates are judged by a high-profile jury which takes into consideration talent, professionalism and contributions to the home and international markets. The awards serve as a recognition of the highest level of competence and skills.

The annual Dibla Design Awards ceremony was held on 29th March. During the event, SGI received a bronze medal in the category Public Design/Office and Workplace spaces, with the project Chaos Office.  However, the highlight of the evening was the announcement of the final and most prestigious award Designer of the Year. SGI’s team had the great honor of receiving the highest recognition.

A few of SGI's partners gave an interview in front of Dibla in which they talked about what the "Designer of the Year" recognition means for the team,

Tihomir Kazakov: We are grateful for the extremely high recognition we have received for our work. It means to us that we have managed to achieve the level of professionalism we strive for every day.

Your projects are successful and have won numerous awards in various competitions. Tell us, what is the secret of your success, what motivates and inspires you? Denitsa Kniazjevic: The serious social responsibility to channel and realize the expected vision of the client, in addition to adding additional social value from the project to enrich society is the strongest motivator for us.

What can we expect from your next projects and creative plans?

Denitsa Kniazevic: We will maintain the same and better professional level than what we have presented so far.

Tell us more about SGI's partnership with Studio Alliance for workplace development?

Gergana Ivanova: Thanks to our partnership with Studio Alliance, our company can now provide our clients with additional services such as: workplace consultancy, acoustic consultancy, branding and graphic design, as well as full monitoring and management of the entire process of our interior design projects.

How would you define success in your industry?

Gergana Ivanova: Success is to continuously develop and be among the leaders dictating and presenting new trends on the market. Our invitation to be part of the largest organization in Europe for Office-fit-out projects-Studio Alliance-is an example of this and gives us the opportunity to integrate already established practices and services in the world, which are yet to enter Bulgaria.

What is your overall assessment of the projects that participated in the Dibla Design Awards and how do you see the development of Bulgarian interior design in general? Tihomir Kazakov: Bulgaria has always had shining examples of successful interior design projects. Unfortunately, we still can't escape the often observed practice of copying ideas directly without thinking about the specific business strategy and context of the project. Thanks to industry organisations such as Dibla, which recognise and reward worthwhile projects, we have noticed a positive trend of a percentage increase in quality implementations.

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