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SGI At Innovations And Good Practices In The Healthcare Sector Forum

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The design of a building where doctors are going to be saving lives every day is a long and complicated process, which includes a number of risks and responsibilities. Today, Arch. Vladislav Dechev told the audience of “Innovations and Good Practices in the Healthcare Sector” forum about the phases that have the project foregoes.

16 December 2022

The process starts with the Health Service plan, which includes a number of analyses, aiming to create a set of parameters. The next step is the Health Facility plan, which defines what the building is going to be like. This finally leads us to the actual design.

In order to achieve a well-structured building, which creates an environment where the doctors and patients can feel safe, the project needs to be based on a set of standards like IHFG (International Health Facility Guidelines), which ensure that we follow the best practices from the past and from today. Last, but not least, Arch. Dechev talked about the importance of sustainability in the medical facility projects, which ensures not only the resilience of the building and increases its energy-efficiency, but also decreases its carbon footprint.

When it comes to projects from the medical sector, SGI partners with the world leader in consulting and design of medical facilities – TAHPI, as well as our sister company SGP – one of UK’s leading architecture practices. This partnership allows us to follow standards such as IHFG and to achieve sustainability of the facilities.

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