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Veliko Tarnovo - New Center

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

The concept for the New Centre of Veliko Tarnovo sets the following key objectives – creating a connection between the existing significant public spaces and landmarks, bringing life and activities within the boundaries of the territory, facilitating traffic. A couple of key elements define our solutions are the creation of a new pedestrian bridge connection going through the new Centre and reaching the Old town of Veliko Tarnovo, maximum preservation of the existing terrain without obstructing the visual connections, separating vehicle and pedestrian traffic by allocating them to individual levels and clearly differentiated zoning of functions.

Masterplanning, Public Buildings
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
189 000 m²
Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo
Concept Design
Arch. Gergana Ivanova
Arch. Mariya Mishineva
Arch. Aneliya Dzhadzheva