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“Vasil Levski” Specialized High School of Isperih

Isperih, Bulgaria

The new vision for ‘Vasil Levski’ High School in Isperih 2022-2030 is an initiative that sets itself the ambitious task to improve the quality of secondary education in the town. The transformation of the high school is based on improving the facilities following the architectural plan developed by SGI. The project includes a complete reconstruction and redevelopment of the existing building by taking on the following steps:

Introduction of modern materials and welcoming colour schemes in the interior to enhance the educational environment from a visual aesthetic point of view as well as from an acoustic and hygiene point of view. Provision of the humanities and the arts classrooms with associated equipment and the necessary storage facilities. Refurbishment of the IT classrooms. Re-integrating the existing basement of the building, by partially excavating it and opening larger light openings to give rich natural lighting to the canteen provided there. Complete energy renovation of the building envelope and building services with modern materials and systems to enable efficient and alternative heating methods.

Construction of a new "Science Block", connected by a walkway to the existing building, which will house well-equipped teaching rooms - laboratories, which are necessary for the practical application of the subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics. The ground floor is directly connected to the adjacent ground, through an open but covered space, which would be conducive to taking the learning process outside.

Construction of a new sports hall housing a poly-functional sports field suitable for basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball and mini-football. Development of a 25 m swimming pool in the basement. An oval running track is provided on the first floor in the common area of the sports field to allow training during the winter season.

Improvement of the park space by creating outdoor recreation and learning areas. Athletic sports area with outdoor running track and complementary fields for group sports. The outdoor park and sports spaces could also be used for mass education and sporting events associated with holidays and sports days.

Education, Public Buildings
Isperih, Bulgaria
7 200 m²
Concept Design
Arch. Nikola Georgiev
Arch. Katerina Dimitrova
Arch. Rosen Damyanov
Eli Nikolova