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Kamenitza Park

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Kamenitza Park project is the first luxury mixed-use development in the central parts of the city of Plovdiv. The project includes residential buildings, offices, commercial areas, SPA and sports facilities and a hotel. In the complex, the common area is enriched with a park, playgrounds and pedestrian alleys, which naturally connect the main lines of human traffic – to the centre of the town, to the existing park in the Kamenitza 2 neighbourhood and to the Kamenitza museum.

The project offers modern and energy-efficient office building that satisfy the requirements of foreign and local investors willing to develop their business in Plovdiv. The luxurious residential buildings complement the high standard of living in the property. The central location of the site provides quick and easy access to each building, both by car and public transport, as well as by bicycle.

Masterplanning, Residential, Business Centers
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
30 000 m²
130 000 m²
Kamenitza Park
Building Of The Year
Special Award, Green Building, 2020
BIGSEE Architecture Award
Winner, Public and Commercial Architecture, 2020
European Property Awards
Winner, 2018-2019
Arch. Nikola Georgiev
Arch. Mariya Mishineva
Arch. Svetoslav Gadzhanov
Eng. Teodora Stoilkova
Anton Antonov