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Gulliver Restaurant

Sofia, Bulgaria

Located in the heart of the city, a national monument building harbour the café and restaurant ” Gulliver ” developed on two levels ground and underground. The building is dated in early 30s of the last century and located on a corner of an emblematic social place – Cristal park. Due to differences in building use trough time, the architects from SGI are facing a real challenge – to filter out valuables else over the years, to integrate them with the new functional layout and highlight it with dressing it with modern architectural language.

The concept, which the architects sets as a platform for their clients – comfort and hospitality of a classic French bistro with contemporary international cuisine, expects suggests an eclectic approach for the interior design. The restaurant ” Gulliver ” is a cohesive between different architectural styles, reflecting the contemporary urban lifestyle culture, not to repeat its clichés. Due to the existing structure and its old dated specificity, the space optimization with no sacrifice for the sense of comfort is the main goal for the architects.

The architects manage to provide natural daylight in the underground level, achieving this through light wells framed in showcase windows. The use of diverse natural vegetation, back lidded with precisely chosen lighting, manage to convey the feeling of an outdoor restaurant garden. The original stone-brick basement walls are restored and exposed, treated as an active background for all the elements of the new interior design.

The architects are skillfully playing with “old and new” theme, emphasizing primarily on the principle of contrast. The differences between the interior of the ground floor and the basement is aiming to create a dynamic architectural journey which reinforces the interest of visitors to found a new interpretation in every corner of the restaurant connected through a single storyline.

The complexity and volume requirements for internal architecture suggest great design work and many complex decisions that respects.

Interior Design
Sofia, Bulgaria
Private Client