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Sofia, Bulgaria

The new office extension of Entain in the Expo 2000 buildings occupies a total area of over 1200 sq.m. and is located on the third floor of Phase 3 and Phase 4 of the complex. Its idea is to be a natural extension of the existing office on the same floor. To achieve this, large portal passages were made between the two buildings. The office interior design project aims to recognize and reflect Entain's corporate identity and the company's office culture, taking into account the specifics of the space.

The main colors that are part of the Entain corporate identity are used actively by color coding the different functional areas. The more active colors are used for the collaboration and communication areas where people stay for a short period of time, while the more neutral colors are used for the workplace areas.

The main shape that is incorporated into the branding identity of Entain is used as a base point for the design. It is accordingly used at some levels that are with different scales – functional separation of the different areas, 3D decorative elements placed on the walls and suspended from the ceiling, and different patterns incorporated into the different graphic branding elements.

The functional distribution of the new office is based on the idea that it should be as flexible as possible and should provide employees with a variety of areas for socialization. The work areas in the Entain office are separated into smaller zones for each team. Each workplace provides the possibility of independent and focused work with enough natural light.

In order to improve the comfort of the employees and implement the idea of energy efficiency of the building, the air conditioning system in the entire office was unified, applying everywhere the suspended chilled ceiling system of Lindner - Plafotherm. In the daily life of the office, this is noticed by the employees mainly through the comfort that is provided, thanks to the lack of airflow and noise, which are usually observed with standard solutions.

The space is entirely transitional. A continuous walking line is provided so that it goes around the cores of the two buildings and connects them. That psychologically gives the employees the feeling of connectedness between the separate parts of the office.

Interior Design, Workplace
Sofia, Bulgaria
1 200 m²
Entain Services Bulgaria
Arch. Vladislav Dechev
Arch. Nezabravka Tushnina
Margarita Stoyanova