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The meeting point - Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia

The meeting point - Bratislava is our submission for a competition held by Penta Real Estate in 2022.

Located on the south bank of the Danube river, the three plots that are subject to this urban proposal have the potential to form a focal point within this undeveloped part of the city, bringing together existing attributes such as the busy cycle paths along the river or connecting to the existing green spaces that are outside the site itself, at the same time mitigating the impact that the intensive vehicular traffic has on the site.

The main challenge is the extensive infrastructure that runs through the organisation of the plots that will create significant levels of sound and air pollution, if unchecked. The challenge is to resolve these issues through the organisation of the space and to find a workable solution that also gives a platform that can be taken forward to a successful commercial solution.

We were able to resolve those by implementing some key solutions in the project:

Buffering the noise and air pollution by creating large earth bunding structures along the existing boulevard;

Creating free pedestrian access between plots by separating pedestrians and vehicles on different levels;

Car free zones within the plots themselves;

Following best sustainable practices, implementing wild planting, thus creating natural corridors for wildlife and also lowering the maintenance requirements.

The proposed urban scheme aims to balance the different functions within the plots, creating clearly separated public and private areas. Both residential and office buildings are a mixture of low- and high-rise volumes, to maximise the views and to create a variety of properties for the market.

Retail areas are concentrated on the outer edges of the properties, along the existing cycle and pedestrian river lanes and around the new public square or meeting point. The inner areas ( in plots 4.2 and 6.1 ) are more private, creating quiet and relaxing, free of cars spaces for the residents. Private yards for ground floor apartments are orientated towards these zones.

Bratislava, Slovakia
210 000 m²
74 000 m²
Penta Real Estate
Concept Design
Arch. Mariya Mishineva
Arch. Yanislav Kirov