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Bistritsa Gardens

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bistritsa Gardens was originally designed back in 2007 by another architectural company, but the economic crisis in 2007 left the site in very poor condition – only 13 ( out of 55 ) of the houses were finished and the rest were either never started or partially built.

The redesign of the master plan included an initial assessment of all existing structures and a complete change of the existing house design, all this with the comfort of the people, who already live there, in mind. The final product will be a housing neighbourhood with a mixture of different types of houses, providing the comfort of a gated community.

Masterplanning, Residential
Sofia, Bulgaria
12 000 m²
15 000 m²
Private Client
Under Construction
Arch. Nikola Georgiev
Arch. Mariya Mishineva
Arch. Katerina Dimitrova
Arch. Rosen Damyanov