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SGI at Residential Forum 2023

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Yet another successful Residential Forum was held by The City Media Group. Yesterday arch. Nikola Georgiev took part in the panel Projects & Products Showcase 2023: The most interesting residential projects – from idea to realization.

9 June 2023

The audience had the chance to get familiar with one of SGI’s recent projects. Panthea Hills is a residential complex, located in Cyprus, which is currently in the process of development. The SGI team was invited to design the concept project, and later on, to consult on the technical project, collaborating with our colleagues from Cyprus. Arch. Georgiev gave details on the challenges that working in a foreign market presented us with and what we’ve learned from tackling them.

Working on this project allowed SGI’s team to gain perspective on a market where the intensity of building is higher than the one in Bulgaria. “On the one hand, projects like this allow us to walk away with a lot of know-how from abroad, on the other hand, it lets us see the downsides of the foreign way of working. This helped us both appreciate some of the characteristics of our native market and use our experience to apply outstanding solutions in a foreign context.” Arch. Georgiev commented.

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