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Asking the Team - Arch. Diana Terzieva

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As SGI continues to grow, we are fortunate to welcome bright and talented new colleagues and arch. Diana Terzieva in our them. With her international education and experience, her broad perspective and impeccable professionalism have become invaluable assets to our team. We asked Diana about her views and aspirations in terms of architecture, and design and this is what she shared with us.

4 June 2024

Which sector do you wish to specialize in? Residential masterplanning, urban planning.   What inspires you? Trying something new. Bringing new life to something old, renovating. Exploring and discovering. Sunrises and sunsets.   What is your favourite part of the job? My favorite part of the job is when everything fits together and you get to see the result of your work.   What is sustainability to you? Sustainability to me is designing and building with respect to our environment, to humanity. Renewable sources, restorations and using materials to their full potential.   What is your definition of great design? A great design should enrich people's life, contribute to their experience of the built environment and affect their senses.

Which is your favourite building? I actually do not have a favorite building. I am really interested in what is happening between buildings. That is why my favorite places are plazas for example or public spaces where I can observe the symbiosis of so many functions, different activities, and people's interaction with their surroundings.

Where would the world be without architects? Without architects the world would probably be much more chaotic, scattered or individual, focused on the basic needs, simple.   Tell us about a project that you dream of working on. I dream of working on a project in a natural setting with local materials, together with local communities, where they participate in shaping and building their environment. At the same time, architects and architectural students would bring ideas, expertise, technological know-how and process optimization. Thereby we can also learn traditional construction methods and apply them elsewhere in a new way.

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