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The Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts project presented at BUBSPA 2022

15 September 2022

On 14.09.2022 our project in partnership with Accor was presented to the public for the first time at the annual BUBSPA (Bulgarian Union of Balneology and SPA Tourism) congress in Sapareva Banya. The event was supported by the Minister of Tourism and had the theme “The green mission of the Bulgarian healthcare tourism.” Some of the special guests were Accor’s Vice President for Northern Europe – Frank Reul, as well as the Minister of Health and the Minister of Environment and Water.  

During the congress, we had the opportunity to present our project in development – the flagship thermal resort with SPA and health center under the Swissôtel brand, that should open its doors in 2024.  Experienced Hospitality expert and technical consultant Herman Cini, Technical Director at Aqua Treatment Svc Inc and one of our Directors Arc. Denitsa Knyazhevich got to tell the audience about the sustainability aspects of the project.  

Since in the development of this project, we are putting a lot of thought into engineering and sustainability, in the presentation we disclosed some of the methods implemented in order to reduce the heating and cooling energy consumption such as: 


– Optimization of building size; 

– Heat loss calculations and specifications for facades and roofs;  

– Implementation of covers to the external pool for heat loss reduction; 

– Heat recovery of ventilation systems;   

– Transformation of the mineral water warmth into heating energy by using pumps and heat exchangers;  

– Osmosis plant to purify water and use it for irrigation and drinking; 

– Use of heat exchangers in cold rooms and chillers in order to utilize excess heat;  

– PV cells on the roof;   

– Large south facing facades to make maximum use of natural daylight;  

– Building management system for monitoring of water, electricity and heating consumption;  

– Hotel room controls for regulation of room temperature when the guests are not present. 


Apart from the architectural and engineering design concerned with building sustainability, the presentation also included the social aspects of the project. The complex will be able to employ approximately 200 people, which might bring benefits to the economy and development of Sapareva Banya and the surrounding villages.  


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