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Sveta Ekaterina

Sofia, Bulgaria

A small boutique building clad with natural stone. The building is located on a small street lined with trees and plenty of greenery and is designed to respond to the scale and style of the surrounding housing and infrastructural environment. Despite the challenging shape of the site that has many irregular angles, we have used the space in the most optimal way, finding the most efficient natural geometry, while at the same time fully utilizing the allowed development potential. Despite the small scale of development, all the architectural details and proportions have been considered carefully. The result is a small yet practical apartment building which is smartly integrated into the existing environment.

Sofia, Bulgaria
2 500 m²
600 m²
Vaisman Investment Group
Under Construction
Arch. Yanislav Kirov
Eng. Teodora Stoilkova
Arch. Marharyta Motylevska