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St Sofia Golf Club And Spa

Ravno Pole, Bulgaria

Established in 2010, St. Sofia Golf Club and SPA is located in the heart of Ravno Pole, near the capital - Sofia.

The aim of the project is to expand the existing clubhouse building, part of the built golf facility, in which to develop additional entertainment functions to contribute to the development and promotion of golf as a sport, attracting diverse types of customers.

The new building envisages the implementation of functions such as SPA center, Conference block, Fitness center, Kids center with conditions for all-day care, Hotel block with a capacity of 74 rooms.

In addition to the hotel part of the complex, the construction of luxury single-family villas is planned, envisaged as the second phase of the project.

One of the exceptional riches of the project is the availability of mineral water with exceptional characteristics, which is used both for spa treatments and to power the heating system of the complex.

Hospitality, Residential
Ravno Pole, Bulgaria
6 300 m²
MTP Golf Club
Under Construction
Arch. Denitsa Knyazhevich
Arch. Rosen Damyanov