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Perform Business Center

Sofia, Bulgaria

Perform Business Center is a class A office building, part of the portfolio of the investment company Everty Group. The building is located in the ideal centre of Sofia and was designed by the Italian architect Leonardo Celestra and the Bulgarian architect Veselin Nyagolov. The building is situated on a plot facing four streets and with a total built-up area of ​​36,613 square meters, divided into 5 underground and 10 aboveground levels.

In 2021 a renovation of the common parts and passages around the building was realized, designed and supervised by SGI. The concept of the project was to create a balance between the corporate vision of the building and the informal atmosphere of the modern office spaces. Through the new design, we preserve and emphasize the elements of the interior that distinguish the building and at the same time create stylish spaces suitable for young people, with a modern but simple vision. The new furniture is comfortable, fluid and aligns the running paths that visitors and employees of the building are used to. The design elements are combined in several areas: reception and information, waiting area, passage and security reception. The wallcoverings in wood decor are an element that forms a new identity of the spaces and creates an opportunity to integrate the logos of tenants, signposts, screens and others. By applying appropriate lighting and adding natural interior landscaping, we have made the interiors more relevant and welcoming for the employees and the visitors of the building.

The renovation also includes a redesign of all signage to support better orientation in the building and to complement the modern vision of the common areas.

Interior Design
Sofia, Bulgaria
1 180 m²
Everty Bulgaria
Arch. Vladislav Dechev
Arch. Maria Dimitrova
Arch. Boryana Borisova