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Hotel Sevtopolis Medical & Spa

Pavel Banya, Bulgaria

Hotel Sevtopolis Medica & SPA is located in the resort Pavel Banya and has welcomed its guests since 2010. In 2020 SGI designed and completed the renovation of most of the hotel’s premises. The renovation is divided into two stages, as the first stage covers four floors with hotel rooms and apartments, corridors, and maid offices. Stage 2 develops the buffet area and the billiard area on the ground floor level. The term for design and realization of the site was limited due to the specifics of the site, which required a detailed plan and a strict schedule of activities. The project aims to meet the ever-increasing standards and conditions of luxury spa hotels. Nature is taken as the main characteristic of the property, so the selected palettes are mainly in earthy and pastel tones. Apart from the harmonious interior inspired by nature, very important parameters for the project are functionality and sustainability. Particular attention is paid to the development of rooms and apartments. It is assumed that guests spend a large amount of time in their room, so it should most easily and effectively maintain high levels of hygiene and comfort. The materials selected for the project are characterized by high durability and easy maintenance. Natural veneers are being used referring to the environment, metal frames creating an accent, and a modern look, as well as a variety of fabrics complementing the overall concept of harmony.

Hospitality, Interior Design
Pavel Banya, Bulgaria
3 200 m²
Hotel Sevtopolis Medical & Spa
Dibla Design Awards
Finalist, 2020
Arch. Vladislav Dechev
Arch. Gergana Ivanova
Arch. Boryana Borisova