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Harmony One

Sofia, Bulgaria

A high-end apartment building situated in the south-eastern part of Sofia, surrounded by residential blocks, commercial areas and a software university. The site is in a preferred neighbourhood with quick connections to the city centre and developing surroundings via metro station and buses.

The 7 story building, comprised of one, two and three-bedroom apartments which are with comfort size and quality of living for each unit. The parking spaces are situated on the terrain and underground level. The ground floor contains several shops and garages while the last two floors offer spacious terraces for their owners.

Despite the complex shape of the plot, the volume of the building is well proportioned. The use of suspended façade with three types of stone, dark aluminium, HPL and glass railing gives the desirable high-end feeling of the building.

Sofia, Bulgaria
4 500 m²
Harmony Group
Under Construction
Arch. Nikola Georgiev
Arch. Mariya Mishineva
Arch. Dimitrina Ivanova
Arch. Yanislav Kirov