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The Fence House

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Fence House in Sofia is designed using passive house principles and standards utilising local, recyclable materials, creating a sense of cosiness, as well as extending the operation of the building significantly more. 

The terrain on which the single-family building is located is located on the outskirts of the city, away from the urban environment. It’s a family house, with as many personal and secluded spaces as possible.

Because of the greater displacement, the functional solution of the house is unusual and different from the conventional one. The building develops on four levels. On the first level are all the necessary technical premises as well as the parking spaces. They have a direct connection to the street and are connected to the rest of the house, only with an internal ladder. Some of the bedrooms are located in the lowest part of the terrain (level 2). They are separated visually and from the noise from the living area. They have their own courtyard, which creates a higher degree of intimacy, which is the main desire of the client.

The living area is located at the intermediate level (level 3), with a direct connection to the back of the yard, forming a part for an individual summer terrace to it. The upper level of the house (level 4) is a guest room and a cabinet for the needs of the hosts.

The main premises of the house isolate the building from its neighbours as much as possible, helping to add the extra features on the façade, which, besides the sun protection role, are also designed for a larger buffer between the private space of the house and the surrounding environment.

Sofia, Bulgaria
430 m²
Private Client
Concept Design
Arch. Nikola Georgiev