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Sofia, Bulgaria

Fantastico F46 is a concept project created for a competition for a large supermarket chain in Sofia. While the brand has a very distinguished and memorable branding, the company made the decision to look for a change in the design of their supermarkets. Therefore, they launched a competition, to hire an architecture company to build a new concept for one of their shops. Although this project is not going to come to life it has received praise for the bald approach taken in its design. At its core, Fantastico F46 was designed to meet strict functional and technological requirements specific to a food retail outlet. The concept included an underground parking level with dedicated spaces for customers and employees, a main shopping hall accessible by travelators, and service areas strategically located to ensure efficient operations. The design incorporated double-height spaces and large-span structures to facilitate a versatile and open shopping environment.

Embracing SGI Architects' commitment to sustainability, the Fantastico F46 project was a step forward in the "Go Green!" initiative. The design minimized unnecessary glazing in the retail spaces and proposed a façade system that blended natural wood, fiber-cement panels, and solid aluminum. This material palette not only respected the environment but also offered durability and a timeless aesthetic appeal.

Fantastico F46 reflects SGI Architects' commitment to merging innovative design with environmental stewardship, showcasing what the future of retail spaces could look like.  

Public Buildings
Sofia, Bulgaria
4 607 m²
Concept Design