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Contract Residence

Sofia, Bulgaria

The project is located on a newly constructed street. The area has plenty of amenities such as nearby subway station, school and proximity to a key thoroughfare. The building is designed to answer the ever-growing demand for new and affordable homes. It is consisted of 2 volumes with 8 and 9 floors respectively and offers flexibility with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, parking spots and garages for all units. Even though the structure is a mid to large size the human scale and perception are respected by the subtle use of proportions and symmetry within the façade design. The contemporary design includes clean shapes and straight lines. The finish materials are brickwork and plaster.

Sofia, Bulgaria
10 165 m²
Contract City
Under Construction
Arch. Vladislav Dechev
Arch. Dimitrina Ivanova
Arch. Deyan Viktorov
Eng. Teodora Stoilkova
Eng. Tihomir Dikovski