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Burdeni Forest Venue

Tryavna, Bulgaria

Located near the town of Tryavna , the complex aims to provide to tourist the authentic experience of living in a traditional Bulgarian housing. The hotel is divided in three different areas, representing separate periods of Bulgarian history. In the west a eco-friendly modern hotel is located, consisted of a main building and “rooms” spread on the slope behind the building and connected to it via covered passages. In the middle zone of the plot small “neighborhood” of traditional Bulgarian National Revival architecture with small village market and in the east corner a group of old Bulgarian yurts is “hidden “ in a forest area.

The whole complex will be environmental friendly and car-free , with electrical cars serving for transporting the visitors to their rooms.

Masterplanning, Hospitality
Tryavna, Bulgaria
12 500 m²
Private Client
Concept Design
Arch. Denitsa Knyazhevich
Arch. Gergana Ivanova
Arch. Mariya Mishineva
Arch. Dimitrina Ivanova
Arch. Aneliya Dzhadzheva
Stoimen Demerdzhiev