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Area 52- Trampoline Park

Sofia, Bulgaria

AREA 52 is a project for the largest and most modern trampoline park on the territory of Bulgaria. It was realized in the autumn of 2017 with an area of 1500sq.m. in Sofia South Ring Mall.

The AREA 52 interior is modern, artistic, and clean. As the name of the park suggests, with reference to the secret Zone 51 in the USA, the whole appearance is created around the idea for space. The color code is concentrated in 3 main colors: Cosmic Gray; Bright orange with a reference to the Red Planet and White.

Interior Design
Sofia, Bulgaria
1 500 m²
Dibla Design Awards
Finalist, 2018
Arch. Denitsa Knyazhevich
Eng. Teodora Stoilkova
Stoycho Iliev
Arch. Rosen Damyanov
Arch. Aneliya Dzhadzheva