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Amaya Apartment

Sofia, Bulgaria

The client’s brief for the AMAYA apartment was to re-organize an already existing three-bedroom apartment, breaking it down into four bedrooms, to better fit the needs of the family. The interior design aims to recognize the client’s demand for a harmonic mix of classical details and modern accents.

The colour scheme is a blend of light and pastel tones in unison with warm metal colours and a limited amount of contrasting blacks. In order to achieve a feeling of lightness and vitality, the dark elements are kept to a minimum.

The apartment entrance is integrated into the living room zone. In order to make use of the space in the most functional way, the cupboards have been designed to look like a part of the walls. In this way, we’ve ensured that they blend naturally into the interior without unnecessary cluttering. This allows the unification of the separate functional zones. To further enhance the illusion of space, the free-standing columns in the living room we lined with mirror panels. In order to highlight the natural details of the stone and the shine of the golden brass elements, the textile patterns in the zone are homogeneous and monochrome.

The kitchen furniture uses a clean design, ultimately playing the role of a passe-partout for the dynamic natural patterns of the island, made out of marble, quartz and brass. The two children’s bedrooms are separated from the living area by a small passageway which also incorporates a connection to the bathroom. The children's bedrooms are contrasting in terms of furniture shaping and cabinetry accents, but are unified by a common colour palette. The parents' bedroom is transitional from the living room and has its own bathroom. In the interior solution we relied on the direct classic contrast between white and black, which was also emphasized by the different finishes - gloss and matte. The approach allows for the bedroom design to naturally overflow into the master bathroom and the dressing area.

The apartment has a spacious south-facing terrace with a view of Vitosha Mountain. We added a bigger dining table, as well as a separate relaxation zone. We lined the periphery of the terrace with evergreen plants, to enhance the feeling of connection with nature and detachment from the urban environment.

The flooring in all of the apartment’s rooms is using natural materials, such as marble for the bathrooms and oak parquet for other spaces. To properly complement all of this, we opted for Italian furniture. The outstanding details of the pieces added the finishing touches to the final result.

Interior Design
Sofia, Bulgaria
130 m²
Private Client
Photo credit
Nikolay Karasabev
Arch. Gergana Ivanova
Arch. Gloriya Ilieva
Polya Andreeva
Yana Chobanova