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Actavis Office - A TEVA Company

Sofia, Bulgaria

Located in Sofia, the Actavis offices stand as the bustling hub of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The main concept of the design is to skillfully combine and balance the corporate essence of the company with an inviting, less-formal ambience. The main colours used, which are white and green, express the contrast between the feel of the pharmaceutical industry and the serenity of the natural world.

The functional layout concept draws inspiration from modern trends in office design. Prioritizing proximity to natural light, workspaces are strategically separated using diverse acoustic materials. In the centre of the arrangement, concentrates house amenities such as meeting rooms, printer stations, informal meeting spots, and telephone booths. This maximizes the utilization of less illuminated areas, optimizing the overall workspace.

Interior Design, Workplace
Sofia, Bulgaria
6 500 m²
Dibla Design Awards
Finalist, 2018
Arch. Nikola Georgiev
Vyara Zapreva