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Sister Company SGP With Sustainable Building Learning Platform

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Our sister company Stephen George and Partners has launched a web-based platform to teach primary school pupils the importance of Sustainable Building with a series of interactive pages focusing on building materials and the carbon dioxide that is released in their production.

19 June 2022

Leader of the project and member of the Social Responsibility group in SGP – Simon Matthews explains: “We decided to create a set of learning aids that teachers can use with children of about 10 or 11 years of age, to help them discover more about building materials and their impact on the environment, in a fun and accessible way. Buildings have a significant impact on the environment – 11% of global carbon emissions come from the construction of buildings and the materials used. The Better Buildings program aligns perfectly with our company values – it is imperative for us to raise awareness and put our knowledge out there for everyone to share.”

Steve Malkin, founder of sustainability champions Planet Mark, adds:” As an engineer, I would have loved a lesson in imagining and designing buildings that are great for the planet and for people. I have seen first-hand the wonderful ideas school children can bring to creating better buildings and, this exciting classroom resource gives them the ideas to fuel their imagination.”

Better Building is an online platform that takes the kids through a series of modules and exercises that introduce them to both traditional and alternative materials used in construction. With the help of an interactive carbon indicator, the kids can see the carbon footprint released in the production of each of the materials. In the meantime, SGP staff, in the form of cartoon characters, help explain key terminology to the pupils.

Steven continues with: “Sustainability is everyone’s issue, and everyone needs to contribute what they can. We developed the Better Building website specifically for primary school children because they are the architects of the future – and a generation that will need to face the problems we have left. We know the interest in sustainability and climate change is there from our existing schools’ sustainability campaign, SGP + You, so the earlier we can engage the better.

“SGP’s Better Buildings website celebrates the positives and what people can do, reaffirming the message that people do have the ability to make changes that will have a positive impact. We hope that this resource will help teachers explain sustainability in building materials to older primary school children and ignite their enthusiasm for the subject.” The website is available to all teachers and students for open use and can be found here

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