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Chaos With New Office In Sofia

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Recently the Chaos team in Sofia moved to a new modern office. It offers space for meetings, collaboration and creativity of the team of 350. The total area is above 6000 sq. m situated on the top five floors of the Sofia Office Center at 145 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. in Sofia. There are about 15 sq. m workspace envisaged for each team member which provides opportunity for quiet and focused work, avoiding the large open spaces.

7 July 2022
  • Zhana Georgieva
    Marketing Manager

The space is organized in a hybrid way as a result of the specific needs of each division. The pandemic and the work from home lead to reconsideration of the density of the workplaces and the functions of the office.

Almost ⅓ of the total space is organized as common areas for meetings, socializing, relaxation and entertainment, which are separated from the other zones by a color code. Each zone uses one of the corporate colors of Chaos thus uniting all elements of the design.

To further encourage the communication among the teams, the top, 14th floor, of the building is entirely dedicated to informal interaction among the people. It offers an area for meals, a few small relaxation zones, a big meeting room, a space for fitness and entertainment. One of its superb features is the big terrace on the top floor. It doesn't just provide the opportunity to work and relax in an open air zone, but also offers a stunning 360-degrees view of Sofia and the outskirt mountains.

The work zones in the office are situated from 10th to 13th floor and are separated into smaller spacious premises for each team. They offer the opportunity for independent and focused work and provide enough daylight.

The climatization of those areas is managed independently in each separate premise. The building also has a fresh air ventilation system in all areas and opening windows.

Among the work premises there are numerous modern zones for relaxation, meetings and informal interaction, as well as some soundproof small rooms for live or online meetings.

The common areas on the work floors also include kitchenettes with modern equipment for coffee breaks, small talk and recharging.

The space organization, concept, and the interior design have been developed by the team of SGI Architects.

The interior design recognizes and reflects the corporate identity of Chaos. The different functional zones follow the concept of “the building blocks of creativity.”

The Reception zone unites several elements reflecting the core activities of the company: the light which is the basis of the computer generated graphics, the red color as a corporate identity, and the “building blocks of creativity” which symbolizes the elements of the Chaos portfolio, helping designers and artists to visualize their ideas.

The team of Chaos continues to work in a hybrid way, combining remote and onsite work. According to the specifics of the work of each team, the people are free to choose how to work.

The office is open for team meetings, joint creative work and common events, as well as for all of the team members who prefer to work at the office.

Sofia Office Center offers the highest certification level for energy efficiency, environmental and social impact. The building is certified according to the BREEAM 2016 method in two stages - at the project stage and at the construction stage aiming to get the level Excellent. The certificate is a validation of sustainable built investment.

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