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SGI Office Blitz: Maria Tankova

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Maria Tankova has been a construction engineer in SGI for three years. ▫️In the buildings and in life in general she prefers to see the beauty, although she can definitely very quickly list where the defects are.

14 April 2019

Is teamwork important for you? M: What I have learned is that when you work with young, positive and good people, things are getting easier and you enjoy the process. Because my colleagues are wonderful.

Which is your most successful project? M: My most successful project in the last half year is ISO certification, which happened for a very short period of time and with very little paperwork.

What are you learning here in SGI? M: Everyone here is very open, helpful and aware that ultimately the goal has to be achieved. Whoever has the opportunity and the time, is always asking: "Does anyone need help?" And since I'm a older than the others, I always tell them that they really have the incredible chance to work in this type of team from the very beginning in their professional career.

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