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Two Awards For Sgi From The International Big See Аwards

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In 2019, the canteen "Sharena Sol" was the first of our projects to receive recognition from the BIG SEE international design and architecture awards. Two years later, we are happy to announce that our work has been awarded not in one, but in two of the categories for best architecture and interior design. These are our projects for an office building in Kamenica Park and Garitage Park Sports Center.

12 October 2021

Sports Center Garitage Park

The Sports Center in Garitage Park covers an area of ​​3,500 m2 and is one of the largest and most complex sports facilities in Bulgaria. The center can easily claim one of the most modern ones, suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

The interior design of the center contributes to the clear visual separation of the various sports areas and follows an industrial vision consistent with the functional purpose of the spaces. A memorable element of the project is the multi-coloured wallpaper in the pool area, which illustrates some of the most iconic places and sites in Sofia.

Office Building In Kamenitsa Park

The office building in Kamenica Park is part of a luxury complex with mixed functions and was created according to all the latest standards for a modern and energy-efficient office building. The building is the first completed phase in the complex, which includes residential buildings, offices, retail space, sports areas and a hotel.

The architectural vision of Kamenica Office Park follows the general concept of the complex. The achieved modern vision allows the building to fit into the surrounding space, enriching the appearance of the urban environment without being intrusive. The facade is made in a combination of suspended natural Bulgarian stone and suspended glass facade. The natural radiance of the stone as a material and the use of characteristic details, such as solid facade elements, give additional plasticity and individual appearance to the building.

The construction scheme is chosen so as to provide office space free of structural elements. In this way, maximum freedom is achieved in the development of architectural layouts for each office, according to the specific requirements of the tenant. Employees have direct access to the on-site restaurant, common park area, and pool and gym located in the adjacent residential building.

This is not the first award to honour this project. Earlier this year, Kamenica Office Park received the prestigious statuette of Building of the Year as part of SGI's record 5 awards.

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