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SGI Office Blitz : Nikola Georgiev

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Nikola Georgiev is an architect at Stephen George International Bulgaria. He's an Associate Architect and he's responsible for the project management - communication with clients, subcontracting, structuring an internal teamwork for the project.

14 May 2018

What is your superpower? N: Superpower? Do I have to talk just about one? In principle, I have been developing myself as a balanced person. This is is very important for someone who should get an idea, get it from client’s head and turn it into something beautiful, truthful and real. Working with people - both your colleagues and outsiders. Finally, if I have to mention one superpower this would be the patience.

What do people do not know about architects? N: Too often people have polarized opinions about architects. One part of people think architects are dealing with something very special and abstract, and they do not even want to be touched by this big and distant things. The other part of people just think we're doing … nothing serious. The architect is the person who is the helper in the realization of dreams. The good architect is the one who takes your idea, understands your needs – yours or the society’s (whatever is the task) and embodies them into something real.

What do you dream of designing? N: In the past, I'd say it's a skyscraper - I've even said it. But now I have another opinion. I would say that I want to design something else … something like а space related to social interaction between people. This can be the opening of new square space in existing densely populated urban environment. This can also be a modern performance center, where people communicate not so much through direct dialogue but through self-expression. This is very relevant nowadays, and I think architecture needs to meet this demand, this need of contemporary people.

What is the biggest challenge in Stephen George International Bulgaria? N: This is the dynamics of work, the dynamics of the teams we form according to the various scale projects we are working on. This is a daily challenge, but at the same time this is something that reloads you. And, going every day through these things, it forces you to want to achieve even more. It is both a challenge and a battery of energy for your work.

Why Stephen George International Bulgaria? N: I would say Stephen George, because our motivation is very clear. We want to provide a quality living environment, a quality work environment, a quality recreation environment. And always in every project we strive to embed our internal principles as much as possible, whatever the assignment is.

Which of the buildings you designed would have lived or worked, or would something happen inside? N: This would be the Fence House. House, where we a team of two worked a lot to discover a lot. And we've incorporated a lot of our thoughts into it. I believe that people who would live in it will feel that the spaces are rethought, their relationship with the terrain is well thought out. This, I am convinced, affects the everyday life of people and their lives.

What is the most important quality that each architect must possess? N: Confidence first. But everything is related to a mix of qualities. The good thing about teamwork is that different individuals can be involved and everyone can contribute according to their own ability to achieve the end result.

And why confidence then? N: Because our field of work is such that we work both creatively with clients and at the same time technically with subcontractors. You must always show confidence in yourself so that the people around you can get charged together with you.

What would you change in the urban environment if there was unlimited freedom and unlimited budget? N: Maybe the main thing I think is to modernize the ways of transport, the wyas of communication in the urban environment. Today's means seem to sacrifice the future of cities to solve their problems today. I would like to think wholeheartedly - humanity and architects, to resolve this issue: move on to sustainable, fully sustainable urban development.

What is an “antetka” (titleblock)? N: Antetka (Titleblock) is a very strange word. Sometimes I wonder if I should use it at all. But, briefly, in order to know people, this is information in tabular form that every architect or engineer puts on each drawing to make it clear when it was issued, by whom it was issued, to whom it was intended, what it contained.

What is the last lesson, for example in the last year or the last week, what did you learn sooner? N: That there is always something to learn. This is the lesson I keep learning. And in fact, before, I thought this might be a drawback, as I think now that's a nice thing. For “in the way is the truth”, as this phrase is said. And one always has a lot to learn, and he always thinks he has little to have almost all knowledge. Taking this knowledge, he sees there is two times more knowledge ahead.

Sports? N: Sports? My sport, this is swimming. And I think sport is generally very important to people. And especially, being a young father, I think I'm a good example of what they feed you with at the youth, that's what you have for a lifetime. And so it is very important that we can provide our children with the right place, the right environment in which to exercise. Of course, without turning into fixation.

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