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The 60th Edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano

8 July 2022

This year’s anniversary 60th edition of Salone del Mobile – the world’s biggest interior and product design exhibition, was held in Rho Fiera Milano from 7th to 12th of June.

The theme was “Designing for our Future Selves / Progettare per I Nostre Domani. The emphasis of the exhibition was on the acceleration of the transition to ECO and sustainable production and recycling of the materials used in it.


With a series of dedicated exhibitions and installations, the organizers wanted to encourage the popularization of the subject and to show how technology, art and education can deal with the ecological challenges that the design industry is facing.


SGI’s team has always been enthusiastic about the trends and technological innovations in the design industry. This year we took the time to visit Milan and emerge in the Salone experience.


Below we have listed the “TOP 3” installations that impressed us the most:


1. Hermès


Hermes’ installation this year followed the company focus for 2022 – LIGHT.


Part of the brand’s new home textile and accessories collection was presented in separate expo rooms with abstract constructions made from paper and wood, inspired by the towers from the Brutalism Era.


Due to the transparency of the paper and the added lightning from inside, when looked at from the outside, the towers have a magical shine. Each construction was with different forms and colors, once again part of the company’s current line and fashion pallet.


The French company’s attention to detail was becoming evident to the visitor with the first step taken inside of the industrial building La Pelota – the environment, the pathways and even the paper coffee cups were an integral part of the exposition.


In line with the sustainability theme, the installations were to be re-used and the paper from the installation to be re-cycled.






The Palazzo Citterio installation was created in such a way that it can be experienced with all senses – music, light, shadow play. This was surely one of the most impressive installations that we had the pleasure to witness. The cinematographic disposition of the scene was creating a magical atmosphere in which Médaillon stood out with its unique and definitive look.


The elegant and minimalistic design of the chair was emphasized by being illuminated with rays of light, while surrounded by total darkness. This contrast was able to accentuate the unique material and the soft lining of the product.


The incredibly thin and fluid elements of “Miss Dior” are achieved with a special production technology. Dior & Starck use a special technique to extract aluminum under pressure and fill it out in molds with precision.


The chairs will be available for order in selected boutiques of the brand after the end of 2022.






We were impressed by the growing number of Japanese companies debuting on the European market. One of the greatest examples was Ritzwell – a company created in 1992, dedicated to Japanese production of fine furniture only. The company does not mass produce.


The products are created using high-quality materials and made into complex artefacts. Ergonomy is the main highlight of the design. Another outstanding feature of the products is the precise manual upholstery production carried out by Japanese craftspeople.


RIVAGE, a chair from the Relax furniture collection of the company, has been inspired by the curves of the Japanese sword and it is probably the most comfortable chair that we have ever sat on. The proportions, ergonomics and exceptional softness of the materials used, make the chair a truly exceptional product.


For us Ritzwell was one of the hits of the exhibition and we will definitely continue to follow the company from now on.



During the Design Week Milano is not just a destination for designers. The city turns into a social hub which provides architects, producers, and buyers from all over the world with the opportunity  to meet and hold discussions.


During this week it is impossible to stay impartial to design. Every witness becomes immersed in the atmosphere and wants to take a dive into the world of technological advances and alternative approaches to design guided by the creative styles of the designers, and compelling interactive media. The event teaches the observer great lessons about both aesthetics and the ecological challenges that society is facing


Don’t miss the next edition of Salone del Mobile in 2023. We sure won’t!



Authors: Denitsa Knyazhevich, Zhana Georgieva

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