Sustainability and responsibility

It is our business to create environments, buildings, and spaces that are both pleasing and functional for the people who commission them and equally for all those that experience them. In this, we strive for the removal or mitigation of any adverse effects this has on our planet and its people.

We believe that a commitment to sustainable design and sustainability within our own company is an essential part of our business in the 21st century. All aspects of this commitment are formulated and coordinated by our sustainability steering group composed of suitably experienced personnel from across all our office locations.

Our interest in sustainable design is lifelong. Recognizing the need to adhere strictly to budgets, we have developed strategies for sustainable design that are cost-effective for our clients to implement.

SGI Architects & Masterplanners was invited to join the BRE’s CLIMB program as key stakeholders. The world-renowned Building Research Establishment’s Centre for Low Impact Materials and Buildings offered us the opportunity to hold discussions and workshops with other selected professionals on the sustainability of building materials. The results of this forum were recorded by the BRE to provide a basis for ongoing research into reducing the carbon footprint of building projects.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) covers a wide range of environmental issues within a single assessment. It is viewed as being the leading and most widely used system around the world, setting the standard for best practice in sustainable building design.

It is important to emphasize that it includes some of the most comprehensive and widely recognized measures for the environmental characteristics of each object. BREEAM assesses the building by its specification, design, construction, and usage. The criteria to be covered represents a wide range of categories from energy to environmental consistency. These include aspects related to the processes of energy management and water usage, the internal environment (health and quality of life), pollution, transport, materials, waste and ecological management.

At an international level, more than 552,100 are BREEAM-certified projects. In Bulgaria, the projects built according to the requirements of the British Standard are still less than 10.

SGI Architects & Masterplanners is the undisputed leader in the field. The project for the first multifunctional complex in Central and Eastern Europe which has undergone BREEAM certification – Garitage Park is ours. We also designed the first residential building which meets the requirements of the BREEAM certificate – Izgrev 132.