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VMware Office

Sofia, Bulgaria

VMware’s office in Sofia is a major hub for the company, which develops software for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The healthy environment in the offices in Garitage Park is ensured by the Excellent certificate for the sustainability of BREEAM in the category of Communities International Technical Standard, which no more than 20 companies in Europe can boast of. The layout of the spaces is open-space, but organized in a non-standard way, providing individuality and maximum comfort to employees. Workplaces are organized on the periphery to make the most of natural sunlight. The meeting rooms, cafeterias, collaboration areas, and technical rooms are concentrated in the center of the floor plan. The project is consistent with local cultural features and is characterized by the priority use of wood and a modern mix of ornaments and graphic design.

Sector: Business centres,Office fit out

Type: Office

Client: VMware

Parameters: 30 000 m2

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Status: Completed

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