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Sofia Airport Centre

Sofia, Bulgaria

Three options were considered, depicting different approaches to the design to address potentially different tenant requirements, with the probability of the final design being a mixture of each solution. The co-efficiency of the plot allows 60% built area (potential building footprint) and 40% Green areas. Thus car parking areas were designed as green areas, achieved through using specific products such as turf paving, and in some cases green roofs were used which can be counted as green areas.

The overall vision was to utilise the compulsory green areas to segregate the site into units and create attractive areas that potential tenants and staff can utilise for events and downtime. This also creates a visually pleasant corporate environment and is responsive to the existing areas of Sofia Airport Centre in the principal of creating a garden environment.

Other options considered included every building having its own service yard allowing each tenant their own security system, shared access roads utilising a single security point at the entrance to the site, or a shared service area with a similar layout to the existing SAC logistics project.

Sector: Industrial and logistics,Business centres

Type: Industrial and logistic centre, Office building

Client: Sofia Airport Centre

Parameters: 19 500 m2

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Status: Under construction

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