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Residential area – Garitage Park

Sofia, Bulgaria

The residential area of ​​Garitage Park covers an area of ​​60,000 m2 and is part of the overall development of the complex. It includes 16 multi-family buildings as well as 40 single-family houses. The basic principles of sustainability and comfort of living are taken into account in the spatial planning of the area. They are also part of the requirements of the BREEAM Communities certificate, which the complex received, for the first time in Eastern Europe.

The formation of residential buildings is a consequence of the volumetric-spatial study of the projected area, in terms of human perception in a real urban environment. In the case of facade solutions, the creation of additional depth through various architectural layers of rhythm, raster, materials, and colors. The spaces around the residential buildings are designed to provide residents with green and organic park environment, complemented by playgrounds, a barbecue area, and nearby outdoor sports fields.

The constructive solution of the dwellings is based on an orthogonal modular reinforced concrete skeleton, which contributes to the optimization of the construction processes and efficiency in the execution. The planned roof solar panels and automated systems reduce costs and accumulate green energy for domestic use. Sustainable architectural details at each level are used to achieve high levels of sound insulation. Housing provides a sustainable aesthetic environment for people looking for quality and value of living.

Sector: Masterplanning,Residential buildings,Competition projects

Type: Residential complex

Client: Private

Parameters: 60 000 m2

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Status: Completed

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