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The memory of the ancient symbols – Renovation of Hotel Sevtopolis Medical & SPA

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Some time ago we presented you with the first part of the renovation of Hotel Sevtopolis Medical & SPA. In an interview with the project manager arch. Gergana Ivanova she told us about the concept of the project and the challenges in the processes from the conceptual phase to the final realization. We also showed you a compilation of photos and detailed visualizations, through which we present and implement our projects with maximum accuracy. In this way, we optimize the work process and our clients are confident about the final vision of the project.



Today we are showing you photos from the already completed 2nd part of the renovation project of Hotel Seuthopolis Medical & SPA, including the buffet area on the ground floor. The concept developed for the space lies in the memory of Bulgarian traditions and symbols. Inspired by the history of our ancestors, we decided to integrate into space the symbol of family, union and unity – Katanitsa. Katanitsa is actually an ancient symbol dating back seven thousand years that has been seen in different parts of the world. It is found on household items, fabrics and clothes, with an idea to protect against evil forces and negative influences. Appropriately, the Katanitsa is located centrally in space. It combines all the materials used in the renovation and depicts the symbiosis between the new and the old. Warm pastel tones and materials are also present in this area, with a specific emphasis on the elements of Scandinavian moss.


Inspired by the strong sensitivity of the client to the balance in the human body and the connection with nature and our roots, we created an installation using elements of traditional old Bulgarian cuisine. It is positioned at the approach to the dining area. The function and organization of the buffet area are in accordance with the newly imposed hygiene and safety measures. The space connects the old values ​​and symbols presented with modern and sustainable materials.



Read here about the 1st stage of the renovation of Hotel Seuthopolis & SPA which included all hotel rooms and suites, corridors and maid offices.


Photograph: Alexandar Todorov

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