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28 January 2019

Vyara Zapreva is an architect in SGI Bulgaria for six years. She has graduated University of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, in Sofia. Her main role in the company is managing all the Interior projects.

What is the most pleasant work process for you?
V: The most exciting parts, during all the project phases, are when the inspiration comes and you start feeling the project as your personal mission.

The project you learned the most from?
V: A restaurant in the center of Sofia and the office of Booking.com, again in Sofia. These projects were the ones that gave me the most knowledge. Every other project, after them, gave me a lot of additional knowledge, too. But I think that the first projects gave me more than any others.

Which was the most interesting project for you?
V: In my opinion every project is interesting in its own way and in every single project I’m trying to put all of my efforts and motivation. Maybe, the most interesting project is the project that goes in all its architectural phases- concept, technical and the final stage- construction process.

Which phase of the working process you prefer the most?
V: I prefer the first and the last on – the phase in which the concept comes and the construction phase – when you can touch all the ideas in the reality.

Can interior designers be architects?
V: Yes and no. All the architects can be interior designers, but the interior designers can’t be an architect. The building is an organism, which can’t be divided. In fact, if a building is designed in a wright way, the interior solutions can be a lot and all of them to be unique and with the same aesthetic value.

The project that you feel most proud of?
V: Two interior projects: Booking.com and Skyscanner, which we were designing in the last two years and the concept stage of a recreational building in Sofia Airport Center.

Tell us about a difficult problem that you solved as part of your work?
V: In every project you can find a lot of problems, because sometimes the clients take their decision too late in the process.

The biggest lesson you learned while at SGI?
V: When you are working alone, you are doing much more mistakes, because you don’t have someone, saying you:” Stop, it’s a mistake” or “ Yes, this is better than before”. So, the most important lesson is the “team work”.

The project that you wished you have done?
V: The project that I really want to design is an Architectural school or campus, situated in the nature – away from the town, connected with the nature. Because I really believe that architecture and nature are one organism. If I can design such a building it has to stay alone, without any other building.

The most beautiful building?
V: The most beautiful building for me is the contextual building. I will try to explain what I mean. When we are starting the design process, the most important thing is to implement the design in the surrounding itself. Even the most beautiful building, with the most expensive materials and the most unique internal space is not situated in the right way, in fact this is not a good architecture. One of the building which impress myself really much as a space and feeling inside is Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona. I really think that it’s location and design works perfect. When you are there, you feel the space.

What is the future of architecture?
V: I want to believe that the future of the architecture will be positive. But, if I have to be a realist, I’m not so sure. Nowadays, one of the most important thing is the project budget and nobody is trying to implement all the important principles that I have mentioned before, like contextual building, like the way you feel there, like a whole experience. Our job is to think about all of these and trying to implement in every project. But, in the reality, you can’t do all the best, because of the budget. In every single day architecture is a business and the most important thing is the profit, in the end – not the sign that you leave after yourself.

What people don’t know about architecture?
V: People know almost nothing about architecture. One of the main things that they can’t see is how much energy, passion, efforts and knowledge are needed to start and finish every project.

What would the world look like without architecture? 
V: Here, I will answer with a smile. If we are going in the mountain, you can see how it looks.

Are architects rock stars or mad geniuses?
V: None of them. Architects are different type, they can’t be labeled as: “Rock stars”, even though “Crazy genius”. They are a mix between everything. Because, when you are an architect you need to have very complex knowledge. These are the rules. When you are designing a hospital, you have to lean all the functional processes, inside. When you are designing a Concert hall your mind goes in a very different way. So, the architects is a kind of unique.

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