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SGI office blitz: Yavor Dimitrov

14 December 2018

Yavor Dimitrov has graduated the University of Architecture, construction and geodesy in 2013. He’s part of SGI 4 years now and his position at the moment is Principal Architect.

He is an expert in the technical aspects of a project and he’s working with a variety of software. He works on different BIM software. Yavor’s working on projects for both the UK office in Leicester and on local projects.

What is the most pleasant work process for you?
Y: The most enjoyable process is always when you start something new. When you can fully unleash your creativity. Afterward comes the more difficult part – the execution of the project. But the design is always the favorite part to everyone in the industry.

The project you learned the most from?
Y: The project from which I would say that I have learned the most is  the one we have just completed. It consisted of an office building – quite large, I would say, but there was also an additional multifunctional building designed to meet the needs of the entire office complex. The things I learned there were combining different functions. Starting from retail space, through sports halls, to high-quality offices that are certified by the LEED standard.

Which was the most interesting project?
Y: It is very difficult to determine which is the most interesting project I have been doing so far, as each project has its own specificity. And, accordingly, it awakens the interest in every specialist to determine and solve specific problems. So, perhaps the last one I’ve worked on, I’d say it’s the most interesting one. Because these are the latest examples of tasks I had to solve.

The project that you feel most proud about?
Y: Maybe it’s pretty repeated, but the project I’m most proud of in the office is Garitage Park. Because I started working on it in the very beginning – from the competition in which we participated only a selected number of architectural studios.

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