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SGI office blitz: Ralitsa Lazarova

22 November 2018

Ralitsa Lazarova graduated from Higher School of Civil Engineering “Luben Karavelov”. She is working in Stephen George International for two and a half years. Currently Ralitsa is a Principal architect and she is leading projects, coordinating with clients, engineers and construction companies, visiting construction site, drafting technical typical details and etc

Which is the most pleasant work process for you?
R: The most satisfying part of the work process is the team work. Without a good team, high quality work could not be executed right. The most important thing for us is working together to meet our deadlines on time, that gives the value of our product.

The most interesting project?
R: For me the most interesting project is Garitage Park. I have participated in all design stages of the project and I have worked on all the buildings. Currently I am part of the team drafting the work design and as build drawings.

Which is the project you feel most proud of?
R: I am proud to be an architect. I believe that I wouldn’t be shamed form my work. I want to be proud of all my projects, or to say with no regret, that I was part of the design team for that building. I hope I would be able to achieve that. For me you can be a true professional after 10, 15 or 20 years of hard work and at that point you are a real professional. So on this question I would be able to answer maybe in 15 years.

The biggest lesson you learned from SGI?
R: The most valuable thing in SGI is the team work. Our team is big, with all types of people with different ideas. The most valuable lesson I have learned and still learning is the lesson that people could teach you.

Tell us a about a difficult problem that you solved at your work?
R: Cases that we have on daily basis are how to design something that our client wants and how to make it real. Those cases are variable, depending on technical or legislative point of view. Each one is different and special for its own.

The project that you wish to do?
R: I dream to design and work on churches. It was my master degree thesis and I hope I would have the chance to work on one someday.

The most beautiful buildings?
R: The old buildings, from the beginning of the 20th century in Sofia city center are quite beautiful and interesting. They are not traditional for our culture, because they were designed by Austrian architects, but still I find them fascinating.

What is the future of architecture?
R: Architecture is type of art and as an art it has its own trends. So I guess architecture would further develop and with the time passing it would get more and more diverse and different. For me, future of the architecture depends on the future of human kind.

What people don’t know about architecture?
R: Architects in Bulgaria are not appreciated enough. Most of the people think that we are some part of bureaucratic structure. For me on the other hand, architecture is quite important. It is the shape where people are working, living; it is the surrounding environment, main part of everyday life.

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