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SGI office blitz: Zlatina Tsolova

16 October 2018

Zlatina graduated Architecture in UACG, Sofia in “History and theory” department.  She has been working in SGI since the autumn of 2014. She’s part of the outsource team, designing logistics buildings for UK.

Which is the most pleasant work process for you?
Z: The most enjoyable stage is the final result.

The project you learned the most from?
Z: I‘ve learned a lot from a project we have in Edinburgh. It is a factory which produced electricity from waste.

The biggest lesson you learned while at SGI?
Z: The most valuable lesson is communication with people from all around the world.

The project that you wished you have done?
Z: My dream is to design a museum.

The most beautiful building?
Z:For me it is a building which serves well and has attitude to the surrounding setting.

How do you see the relation between architecture and business?
Z: The business is making architecture to develop and improve itself. And make architect to look for new and interesting solutions.

What people don’t know about architecture?
Z: People don’t know how much time it takes to an architect to make himself ready for work and to design something proper.

What would the world look like without architecture?
Z: A world without architecture can’t exist.

Are architects rock stars or mad geniuses?
Z: The architects are rock stars and mad genius. They have to be mad to resist the psychical pressure and freaks of all people involved in design process. But you have to be rock-and-roll and adaptive and everything.

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