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21 May 2018

Architect Kalin Trachev have studied in Sofia, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy. He’s part of Stephen George from more than two years now.

What makes your job special?
K: During my time in the company I have developed myself to the position of a team leader. I am a head of the team that is running a big public project for more than a year – a shopping mall.

Which is the most enjoyable process in your work?
K: I think the most enjoyable part of our work is the beginning of every project. When you still don’t have borders, it’s conceptual and you can look at the project from a different perspective, a different scale.

Which is the project you learned the most from?
K: The project I’m learning most from is the one that I’m working on right now – a renovation of a trade center. During the process you are staring to become more confident in the communication with the other specialists and the client. You learn what’s the right way to present the information, to adapt to the situation and to take the right decisions. So during this process I’ve developed a lot of skills that gave me one solid base for the big projects that hopefully are coming.

What are you most proud of?
K: I’m mostly proud of the fact that during my time in SGI I’ve earned the trust to become a team leader, to be in charge of a team. This means that apart from the architectural aspect I am developing and showing my skills as a leader, which benefits the hierarchy and the structure the company is aiming for.

Which is the project you would like to have participated in?
K: I wouldn’t say I wanted to be the architect of a specific project. The architect should always aim for something better, for something that could take him to another level and so it should be. So the next project, the one in the future, is that one that I want to design.

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